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About Us
ZHEJIANG SANSEN TEXTILES CO.,LTD is founded in 2009.It is a professional production of denim fabric,with a total area of 130 acres,located in the reputation of “China Orchid”weaving city---Economic Development Zone,LanXi,JinHua,ZheJiang.China.

The company has international advanced level of dyeing,weaving,processing a full set of equipment.It specializes in more than hundreds of items of denim fabric,include 100% cotton,CVC,SLUB,Stretch,Mercerized and Coating denim. can produce more than 150,000 meters denim per day .90% of the goods are……
Denim production originated in the……
Denim production originated in the United States. Levi strauss is German jews. The first jeans was born in the middle of the 19th century, in the 1890 s was put into mass production in the United States. At that time, americans jeans in the United States was born and was a great deal of pride and proud, in 1975……
The potential of jeans industry
Denim fiber raw material is very rich, generally including synthetic fibers, natural fibers, regenerated fiber……
Jeans are 6 kinds of antique elements
Any time, anyone: wild west miners eldest brother, rebellious s hippie punk, old love holidays of the President of the United States, the hip-hop Kings decked with gold, do not kink shape fashionistas, T stage, don't go out walking arm in arm with master model the design of the curtain call, all may wear a pair of jeans……