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About Us

Zhejiang Sansen Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and is a professional manufacturer of denim fabrics, covering a total area of 130 acres. Located in Lanxi Economic Development Zone, Jinhua City, a famous weaving city known as the "hometown of Chinese orchids".
The company has a complete set of international advanced equipment for dyeing, weaving, and post-treatment, specializing in the production of hundreds of high-end denim fabrics such as pure cotton, cotton polyester, bamboo knots, elasticity, mercerization, coating, etc., with a daily output of 150000 meters of high-end denim fabrics. 90% of production is exported to countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and South America.

Factory workshop

Sanmori Company has an advanced bundle pass dyeing scale line using a ball warp dyeing unit, which eliminates dyeing defects such as left and right color differences, front and back color differences, and streaks in sheet dyeing, improving the quality of dyeing and achieving high color fastness. 100 Italian imported Galaxy 501 high-speed rapier machines, equipped with a fully intelligent operating platform, enable the fabric to achieve higher levels of flatness and quality, with a production capacity more than twice that of ordinary rapier machines.

Corporate Culture

No. 7 Huancheng West Road, Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province